Fyodorovsky District, Saratov Oblast

The Fjodorowski rayon (Russian Фёдоровский район ) is a raion in Russia's Saratov Oblast. The administrative center is the urban-type settlement Mokrous. Named the Rajon is after the village and former administrative headquarters Fjodorowka.


Geographical location

The Fjodorowski rayon is located in the southeastern part of the Saratov Oblast, about 250 kilometers east of the city of Saratov. The Raion is located east of the Volga in the steppes at the western end of the Caspian Sea basin. In the northeast of the Rajons itself dei source of great Karaman, which crosses the Rajon west to the Volga is located.



The Rajon divided a town and 14 rural municipalities with a total of 29 villages. A significant proportion of the population is Ukrainian and Kazakh origin. The largest settlements are (as of 2006):

  • Mokrous 6797 inhabitants ( administrative center )
  • Dolina ( Долина ) 1700 inhabitants
  • Yaroslav ( Еруслан ) 1400 inhabitants
  • Munino ( Мунино ) 1110 inhabitants
  • Perwomaiskoje ( Первомайское ) 1,200 inhabitants
  • Spartak ( Спартак ) 1,120 inhabitants


In Rajon, larger reserves are in oil, which have already been explored and developed.

The main economic activity is agriculture, which focuses on the cultivation of cereals and sunflowers as well as the dairy industry. Outside of this industry, there are only small companies, mostly from the retail sector and food processing.


In the place Borisoglebowka is an Orthodox church from the 19th century.