Fyra is a trademark of the Dutch High Speed ​​Alliance (HSA, a collaboration between the NS and KLM ) for rail connections via the high speed line HSL Zuid. On this route also runs the French Thalys in international traffic. For the compounds new high-speed trains of the type AnsaldoBreda V250 should be used. Their start was not ultimately take place. Since September 2009 drive designated as Fyra locomotive-hauled trains in the Netherlands between Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda.

In addition to the domestic compound, a high-speed connection with V250 trains between the Netherlands and Belgium, from December 9, 2012, together with the Belgian NMBS / SNCB operated. This was in service on the high-speed line Antwerp - Schiphol (HSL Zuid in the Netherlands, HSL 4 in Belgium) between the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels. Due to ongoing problems with the trains used the operation was discontinued on 18 January 2013.


Fyra is a word that was invented by the same name agency as the term for a French high-speed train Thalys. The name was chosen because it is short and can be pronounced easily internationally. He is with " pride " and " self-confidence " cause in Dutch, Flemish and French - speakers associations ( Dutch:. Fierheid, self-confidence; ndl and French: fier, proud ). Moreover fyra the Swedish word for four, which has been associated with the four major cities between which the train should go: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Brussels.

The timetable change in December 2013, the name Fyra is dropped due to the now negative image and Fyra replacement bus service will be marketed under the name of Inter City Direct.

Route network

The core of Fyra network is the high-speed line from Schiphol to Antwerp. Amsterdam Central Station is connected via a Altstrecke with its northern end at Schiphol. Are the stations of Schiphol, Rotterdam and Antwerp on the high speed line. From Antwerp, the route leads 25 Brussels South Station.

Rotterdam - - Breda - Antwerp - Although the high-speed line to The Hague passes, the main station on the line The Hague Brussels -Midi should get a network connection. The railway station in Breda is also situated at the track, but in its immediate vicinity, which is why the city has received a connection to the Fyra. For direct trains between Amsterdam and Brussels no stop in Breda is provided.

: The following sections are traversed Planning - With the commissioning of the vehicles of the type AnsaldoBreda V250 should be on the original - and decrepit since 2013

  • Amsterdam - Schiphol - Rotterdam ( every half hour, with the trains Amsterdam - Breda quarter hour )
  • Amsterdam - Schiphol - Rotterdam - Breda (half-hourly )
  • Amsterdam - Schiphol - Rotterdam - Antwerp - Brussels South (hourly)
  • The Hague - Rotterdam - Breda - Noorderkempen / Brecht - Antwerp - Mechelen - Bruxelles-Central/Brussel-Centraal - Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid (every two hours )


First drove since September 2009, known as Fyra trains with Traxx locomotives and "classic" Intercity cars every hour between Amsterdam and Rotterdam, with a stop at Schiphol since the delivery of the railcars V250 delayed. This offer has been successively extended to a half hour between Amsterdam and Breda to Rotterdam.

The timetable change on 9 December 2012, the Fyra connection from Amsterdam to Brussels was taken with first 10 ( of 16 planned ) round-trip rides in operation with the V250. This was the "classic" Benelux Intercity replaced on the Altstrecken. In parallel, drove the domestic trains from Amsterdam to Breda on with locomotive-hauled trains. Furthermore, the Thalys runs nine times daily from Amsterdam to Paris. In Belgium also created an hourly service between the stations Antwerp Central and Antwerpen- Noorderkempen via Luchtbal.

With the launch of the offer, the journey time between Amsterdam and Brussels shortened by one hour. With the use of vehicles of type V250 came in December 2012 to frequent delays and outages.

After the January 17, 2013 85 % of the compounds had failed and had to be taken out of service three Fyra trains because they had technical problems due to ice on the rails, prohibited the Belgian railway safety authority DVIS with immediate effect any commercial trips with the V250 trains in Belgium.

After the Belgian and Dutch railway company recanted their Zugbestellungen, the operation is not resumed with vehicles of type V250. Since mid- January 2013 until further notice the Fyra schedule offer is limited as a result of the domestic connection every half hour between Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam and Breda.

Rolling stock

The NS had 16 trains ordered with the designation V250 AnsaldoBreda. The NMBS had three more ordered. The trains have eight cars and a top speed of 250 km / h These vehicles were after a short period of time taken out of service ( see above).

Since the trains of the type V250 are not available, the domestic connection from Amsterdam to Breda is operated by locomotive-hauled trains since September 2009. To this end, twelve TRAXX multisystem locomotives were leased from Alpha Trains. As cars Nazi coaches of the genus ICRM were rebuilt. The trains run at 160 km / h These trains can operate with the intended also for the Fyra ETCS Level 2 since the spring of 2011 a trial basis in order to enable on the new route the trains running there already Thalys scheduled to operate at 300 km / hr.