Fysisk Format

Fysisk format is a Norwegian independent label based in Oslo. It was founded in 2008 by Kristian Kallevik, the business is located in the building of Tiger Records, a record store in downtown Oslo. The focus is on Norwegian bands of the genre metal, punk and alternative rock.

Label founder Kristian Kallevik studied literature in Bergen. After graduating, he moved to Oslo and started at Tiger Records as a seller. Five years later, in 2008, he founded the label fysisk format. For the name " fysisk format " (Eng.: physical format ) Kallevik was inspired by the discussion about the future of the physical sound carriers such as CDs and LPs against the backdrop of increasing music downloads. He wanted to make with the Norwegian music label groups in their home country known who had already acquired outside Norway a certain level of recognition, in the selection of bands playing alongside the music also play a role, whether he human harmonizes with the musicians. The selection of publications to represent the scene around the record store, the first under contract groups already sold their demos on Tiger Records. For trademark of fysisk format include the folded packaging of discs that are inspired from a CD- packaging of the U.S. manufacturer Stumptown Printers.

Among the bands that are in fysisk format under contract, include Furze, Livstid, Blood Command, Årabrot and Next Life. With solar anus of Årabrot 2010 won a publication of the labels Spellemannprisen in the category of Metal, 2011 belonged Blood Command with the album Ghost Clocks among the nominees in this category.