G-Star Raw

The G-Star brand is a Dutch denim and fashion brand.


The brand was originally founded in 1989 under the name " Gapstar " in the Netherlands and in Belgium. The company is based in Amsterdam.

The first collection of fashion brand Gapstar was designed with the help of the Swiss brand Big Star. Gapstar renamed itself in 1993 in "G- Star" as the company expanded internationally, and with a company called "The Gap" threatened a legal dispute over rights to the name. In 2003, Jos van Tilburg "G- Star" of the Secon -Fashion Group.

Are known particularly the G-Star jeans. Other products include jackets, T -shirts, sweaters, coats, hats and shoes. Among the most well-known jeans brand models include the G-Star Elwood for men that has a round seam at the height of the buttocks. The trousers are made primarily of denim.

Criticizing G-Star fell by breaches of the OECD Guidelines and labor rights violations in the Indian denim factories of " Fibres and Fabrics International ' (FFI ) and its subsidiary" Jeans Knit Pvt Ltd ". As a result of action for defamation by the FFI international arrest warrants against activists of the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC ) and the "India Committee of the Netherlands " (ICN ) has been adopted. On 6 December 2007 G-Star announced the relationship with the FFI. Under agreement of CCC, ICN and FFI, the staff of FFI, meanwhile, assured work legal aid and trade union freedom. As a result, G-Star is working again together with the FFI. The international arrest warrants on 29 January 2008, withdrawn.

To date, accompanied G-Star the slogan " Just the product ".


Greenpeace criticized the brand, as these highly toxic substances used in the manufacture of clothing. For several years, G-Star is working with Greenpeace but together at the Campagne " Detox ". This Kapagne aims to reduce the toxin content to 0.00 % percent. In addition to G-Star only take 12 more Manufacturer part in the campaign. Reason for the lack of interest from other labels, all to renounce toxins are likely to be the high cost, which places such a toxic-free manufacturing clothes with it. Thus, G-Star has now turned into a model in the fashion scene.


In 1991, the French designer Pierre Morisset for G-Star started to work. In 1994, he signed the contract as full-time head designer. Morisset has helped to make the well-known G-Star Elwood. Originally wanted to study this architecture.


2010 hired G-Star Norwegian chess grandmaster and world number one Magnus Carlsen as a model. For the Autumn / Winter campaign in 2013 Kasabian Sergio Pizzorno guitarist and dancer Keenan Kampa stood in front of the camera.