G-type main-sequence star

A yellow dwarf is a star that is on the main sequence and with the sun in mass and in size is comparable. The main sequence accounts for almost 90 percent of all stars and runs in the Hertzsprung -Russell diagram diagonally from the top center to the bottom right to the red, little stars.

The sun itself belongs to the Yellow Dwarf, but - in contrast to terms such as white dwarf or red giant - not a fixed term. It is with this name only refers to the relatively small size of these " average star " (compared eg to red giant ) and the yellowish color. Yellow dwarfs have with masses from 0.8 to 1.1 solar masses, surface temperatures of about 5,300 K to 6,000 K and correspond to the spectral class G of luminosity class V. Most of the Yellow dwarf stars are the stellar population I to.