G.NA (born Gina Jane Choi 최지나 Choe Ji- na, * September 13, 1987 in Edmonton, Alberta) is a Canadian- Korean singer.

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Pre- debut

G.NA was originally in the pop group Five Girls ( 오소녀 ) from the talent agency Good Entertainment debut, along with Yubin ( debuted at the Wonder Girls ), UEE ( After School ), Jeon Hyo -sung (Secret ) and Yang Ji-won ( Spica ). However, due to financial problems of Good Entertainment, it did not come to the debut. As a result, all the members left the agency and managed with other talent agencies in girl groups.

In its early days at Cube Entertainment dipped it in the music video for 10 out of 10 points from 2PM and entered into Hyun ace music video for Change as a background dancer on.

2010: debut

Her debut G.NA released the Duet " Aeini Saenggimyeon Hago Sipeun Il " ( 애인 이 생기면 하고 싶은 일, Things I Want to Do When I Have a Lover ') together with Rain on July 5, 2010. Shortly afterwards appeared to her first mini- album, Draw G's First Breath with the title song " Kkeojyeo Julge Jal Sara" ( 꺼져 줄게 잘 살아, I'll Back Off So You Can Live Better '). So she won on 12 August 2010 for the first time a prize in the music show M! Countdown.

2011: Black & White, and Top Girl

In January 2011, she released her first studio album Black & White with the same title song. With this, they reached number 1 of the South Korean Gaon Charts for the first time.

2012: Bloom

In May 2012, G.NA released their third EP titled song " 2 Hot ".


Studio albums



  • Gaon Chart Awards Best young
  • Asia Influential Artists
  • 26th Golden Disk Awards Digital Bonsang for Black & White