Ga-Adangbe people

The Ga, culturally closely related to the Dangme and therefore also called Ga - Adangme, are an ethnic group that lives in the West African countries of Ghana, Togo and Benin. Living in Accra Ga Ga Mashi call themselves, and in the language of Ga, the Ga Ga also mei, Ga people call. In Ghana, in the region of Greater Accra, about 625,000 live Ga, Togo and Benin 8600 about 32,000. In Ghana, most of Ga in the region of Greater Accra, in and near Ghana's capital Accra live. Accra evolved from the three coastal towns Kinka ( Dutch -Accra ), Jamestown ( British Accra ) and Osu (Danish -Accra ), who served the Europeans from the 15th century as a trading branch offices.

Outside Ghana, the Ga are particularly known in Western art circles because of they use figurative coffins and because of its hand-painted film posters. Both her figurative coffins as well as the hand-painted movie posters are regularly shown in Western art exhibitions.


Ga speak for the Krobo and Dangme like language that is also called Ga. Ga talking about 665,000 people, representing approximately 3% of Ghanaians. Ga is counted for ethnolingustischen group Ga - Dangme within the Kwa languages.

Known Ga

  • Joseph Arthur Ankrah (1915-1992), former President of Ghana
  • Eric Adjetey Anang ( born 1985 ) Coffin Artist
  • Ataa Oko, (1919-2013) litters and coffin artist, art brut artist
  • Kudjoe Affutu, Coffin artists
  • Paa Joe, palanquins and coffin - artist