Gabi Burgstaller

Gabi Burgstaller (actually Gabriele Burgstaller, * May 23, 1963 in Penetzdorf / Niederthalheim, Upper Austria ) is an Austrian politician. It belongs to the Social Democratic Party and was from 2004 to 2013 Landeshauptfrau the province of Salzburg. In May 2013 Burgstaller was after great losses of the SPÖ in the regional elections in Salzburg in 2013 her retirement from politics known.


After graduating from the high school in Gmunden to a year abroad in England Burgstaller studied law at the University of Salzburg. From 1987 to 1989, Gabi Burgstaller assistant at the Institute of Constitutional and Administrative Law, and the Institute of Sociology of Law in Salzburg. Between 1989 and 1994 she worked as a consumer advisor at the Labour Salzburg. In this role, she became known as a specialist in residential and tenancy advice and as a representative of 25,000 damaged by the WEB - Building trust IMMAG Group investors in the general public.

Her political career began in 1994 when she was elected to the Salzburg Parliament and the same was club chairman of the Social Democratic Party parliamentary group. On 27 April 1999 Burgstaller was elected to the provincial government for women, building, commercial, consumer protection and transport, on 31 March 2001 state party chairman of the Salzburg SPÖ. She is also currently deputy federal party chairman of their party.

The Salzburg Parliament chose Burgstaller on 25 April 2001 to the first deputy of Governor Franz Schauberger.

In the elections for Salzburg Parliament on 7 March 2004, she managed to conquer the top candidate of the Social Democratic Party for the first time a majority in the since 1945 consistently dominated by the People's Party State. During the campaign, she emphasized the consensus and cooperation with other parties as a goal of their work. Your ideological conceptions they held for the duration of the election campaign in the background.

On April 28, 2004, she was elected by the Parliament for the Salzburg provincial woman in state government Burgstaller I. She is the first woman to head the province of Salzburg. As Governor Gabi Burgstaller is responsible in the Salzburg state government for the task areas of education, schools, health, hospitals, civil defense, fire services, science and research, women and Europe.

After the election, on March 1, 2009, she was re-elected by Salzburg Parliament on 22 April 2009 for the country's main woman in the state government Burgstaller II.

After the state elections in Salzburg in 2013, when the Social Democrats suffered a historic loss, Gabi Burgstaller announced her retirement from politics. Your position as leader of the SPÖ Salzburg was occupied by Walter Steidl. Burgstaller will return from 1 October 2013 Labour and there set up and manage the registration of health professionals.

Activity As Governor

During her tenure as governor of woman 2005 the possibility of abortion in the Salzburg Regional Hospital was created. The abortion debate led to violent political turmoil. Thus, the ÖVP castle Stallers tried to prevent projects and threatened with the end of the ruling coalition. Especially with the Catholic Church and its related organizations pushed the abortion option with harsh criticism. The Salzburg Archbishop Alois Kothgasser described the killing of an unborn child heaviest wrong and devoted the Lenten pastoral letter of 2005 subject to the safeguard of life.

Burgstaller made ​​again and again in the federal policy attention to themselves because they ran under both the party chairman Alfred Gusenbauer and Werner Faymann repeated the party line of the federal SPÖ. So they spoke out, for example, for the introduction of tuition fees and criticized Education Minister Claudia Schmied, who wanted to increase the teaching commitments of two hours per week in 2009. On the other hand, she spoke again in 2012, advocates that teachers should so like all other professional groups only have five weeks vacation.

As part of the affair of financial irregularities at the Salzburg Easter Festival Burgstaller called the tax consultant of the festival management as a " central figure of the whole". An appeal to the Tax Adviser for reputation and credit damage ended with a comparison in which Burgstaller withdrew all allegations and bore the costs of the proceedings in the amount of 50,000 euros.

In December 2012, it was announced that the so-called Salzburg speculation scandal with swap transactions, the state of Salzburg probably a loss of 340 million euros has been created. Burgstaller announced plans to carry this investigation.


  • 2007: Grand Silver Medal with Ribbon for Services to the Republic of Austria
  • 2011: Officer of the Order for Services to Lithuania