Gabor Steingart

Gabor Steingart ( born June 14, 1962 in Berlin ) is a German journalist and author. From 2001 to the end of June 2007, he headed the Berlin office of the German news magazine Der Spiegel in Berlin, and then worked for the mirror office in Washington. From April 2010 to December 2012 Steingart was editor of Handelsblatt. In October 2012, he was appointed to the four-member management board of the publishing group Handelsblatt. A post he took up on 1 January 2013. His successor as editor in chief of Handelsblatt, Hans - Jürgen Jakobs.


Steingart grew up in the mining community osthessischen Neuhof ( near Fulda ), the son of the Hungarian chemist and K S Factory conductor Imre Steingart on. As a student Steingart published in 1984 his first book in a left - alternative regional publishing ( contradiction undesirable. Observations from 111 years of Fulda newspaper ). This early work was followed by other successful publications (see bibliography) After graduating from the educational reform Hermann- Lietz -Schule Bieberstein in the Rhön, he studied political science and economics ( minor in ) and German at the University of Marburg and the Free University of Berlin. At the local level Steingart worked for the Greens as finance politicians, he sat in the Marburg City Council. Then he graduated from the Holtzbrinck School of Economics journalists. He was hired as a reporter for the group's own Business Week 1989. Since 1990 he worked in Leipzig, Bonn and Berlin as an editor for the news magazine Der Spiegel. 1995 Steingart was promoted by the new mirror - Stefan Aust Corporate Vice President Administration in Hamburg. In 2001, he took over the management of the mirror - capital offices in Berlin.

From 1 July 2007 Steingart worked as a writer in the mirror office in Washington and released there in 2009 the former U.S. correspondent Georg Mascolo from.

Steingart is uva guest in numerous TV shows such as the German Press Club, Sabine Christiansen, Maybrit Illner more.

Steingart has been touted as a possible successor to Stefan Aust as Mirror editor in chief. In 2007, Steingart the Helmut Schmidt Prize for Journalists direct bank ING -DiBa for the cover story of World War II to prosperity in the Mirror # 37 (2006 ) as an " outstanding example of critical economic and consumer journalism ."

From April 2010 to December 2012 Steingart was chief editor of the business daily Handelsblatt. In October 2012, he was appointed to the management of the publishing group Handelsblatt. A post he officially took over on January 1, 2013. In addition, Steingart is also active as an author.

Steingart is an avowed non-voters.


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