Gadu -Gadu (Polish for " chatterbox - chatterbox ", " chat ", " talk " ) is a commercial Polish Instant Messenger with a proprietary protocol. He is the Polish most widely used Instant Messenger with approximately 47 million registered accounts and approximately 6.5 million users daily.

The free usable program based on Microsoft Windows, displays during its use advertising. The manufacturer is the GG Network S. A. based in Warsaw. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


The identification is done, the user, such as ICQ also about serial numbers. The official version of the program is quite slim, but can be expanded with numerous add-ons available. A complete package is PowerGG represents an alternative to the official client, the multi-protocol clients Konnekt, Miranda IM Miranda NG, AQQ, Pidgin, Kopete, Adium, and others that are supplied as standard with a Gadu -Gadu plugin.

The official version supports instant messaging ( with default more than 190 smileys), offline messages, data transmission and IP telephony. There is also the possibility of a secure connection via SSL. Since version 7, the program has the option of video communication.


Gadu -Gadu is the first IM world, which was used for a public connection into space to orbit. These were to establish a connection between the Polish Gadu -Gadu users and astronauts to the International Space Station, the 30th anniversary of the first space flight of Poland - was created - Mirosław Hermaszewski.