The French city of Gagny is a suburb with 39 378 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) east of Paris. It belongs to the department of Seine -Saint -Denis, and is bordered to the east by the department of Seine -et- Marne. Gagny extends over 3.3 km from north to south and 4.4 km from east to west. Gagny is surrounded by seven cities: Villemomble and Le Raincy in the West, Montfermeil and Clichy- sous -Bois in the north, Neuilly -sur -Marne and Gournay -sur -Marne in the south and the east Chelles. The inhabitants of the city Gabiniens call themselves.


The city's name is derived from Gannius, who was in Roman times the owners of the area. In the 11th century Adèle de Champagne founded a monastery. In the 13th century the city was under the suzerainty of Etienne de Gagny, husband of Béatrice of Montfermeil.

The French Revolution where he took a violent turn. After the church was no longer used, you turned it into a Temple of Reason (French Temple da la Raison ). 1814/15 Gagny was occupied by Allied troops in 1870 and was under Prussian occupation.

Here also the episode of the taxis de la Marne played from. During the First World War were compiled in the night of the 6th of September 7, 1914 the City Council of Gagny recruited Renault taxis to transport from here 6000 recruits and reservists to the front near Nanteuil -le- Haudouin where the German attack was repulsed. In this act of desperation came on the taximeter total of 70 000 francs travel costs together.


  • See the White House ( Etang de la Maison blanche ), Parc Courbet

The city has an active cultural life and a variety of sporting activities. Parks and green spaces give Gagny a high quality of life.


Antoine Alphonse Chassepot of residence, inventor of the needle-gun, which was very often used in the French army.


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