Gainare Tottori

Gainare Tottori (Japaneseガイナーレ 鳥取, Gainare Tottori ) is a Japanese football club based in Tottori, Tottori Prefecture, which for the 2011 season in the second highest Japanese League ( J. League Division 2 ) plays.

The club name Gainare consists of the word gaina ( "large" in the regional dialect Umpaku ) and the Italian word sperare ( " hope ").


The club was founded in 1983 as "Teacher Club Tottori " (Japanese鳥取 教員 団 サッカー 部, Tottori Kyōin Dan Sakkā Bu). Six years later it was also other professional groups allowed to join the club. After qualifying through the Regional League Play - Offs in 2001, Gainare Tottori rose to the JFL.

On 3 October 2010, the club was able to secure with the 1-0 home win against Arte Takasaki a place among the top four and therefore qualified early for the 2011 season of the J. League Division 2 addition won " Gainare " the JFL - Title on 24 October 2010 already five days before the season ends.


Home games are played during the day in Higashiyama Stadium in Yonago. Night games must be played in Tottori due to lack of flood light in Torigin Bird Stadium, as it is the only stadium in the region San'an that the J. League directives. As the club comes from Yonago, the club management is trying to convince the city council to expand the home stadium, which is not possible due to financial constraints at the time.

More Alternative venues are the Fuse Athletic Park Stadium in Tottori, the Matsue Matsue Athletics Stadium and the Hamayama Athletic Park Stadium in Izumo, both in Shimane prefecture.


  • 2011: promotion to the J. League Division 2


Current players

As of March 2, 2012