Galaxian is an arcade game company Namco, which was released in 1979. It was the first arcade game, in which real RGB colors used for display.


Galaxian was an enormously successful titles for Namco. It was not only the first arcade game with real colors (previously were black / white signals projected onto colored backgrounds ), but also contained the successful gameplay of Space Invaders, with the armies of the aliens the player attacked in his spaceship. However, Galaxian expanded this idea to insect -like enemies who repeatedly fly kamikaze attacks against the player.


The success of Galaxian drew several successor and offspring after themselves. The most successful of these was undoubtedly Galaga, which even surpassed its predecessor in terms of popularity.

Standard Arcade:

  • Galaga (1981 )
  • Gaplus (1984 )
  • Galaga '88 (1987 )
  • Cosmo Gang The Video (1991 )

Arcade Laser Disc:

  • Galaxian3 (1990 ) Galaxian 3: Project Dragoon for 6 players
  • Attack Of The Zolgear ( 1994) ( a ROM and laser disc upgrade for Project Dragoon )

Special version:

  • Galaxian3 (1990 ) for 28 players at a 360 ° shield

There also other games were released under the name Galaxian, but these were not developed by Namco and are therefore not counted to the root of Galaxian.

The " leader " ship comes in many produced by Namco games, from Pac -Man to Star Fox: Assault. Often, it is only mentioned in this context " Galaxip ".

Because of its importance and the success achieved Galaga is still popular among collectors. It is classified as one of the " Top 100 Videogames " of the website Killer List of Videogames ( KLOV ).

The highest ever recorded score in Galaxian was set up by Aart van Vliet on May 27, 2009 in Weirs Beach, New Hampshire. He scored points 1.65327 million, surpassing the previous record of Gary S. Whelan from 2006 ( 1.11455 million points).

The game was ported to many home computers and game consoles. Recently as part of Namco Museum (2001, on Sony PSP and Windows 2005).

There are also other computer games as a bonus level Galaxian, so in Ridge Racer and Mortal Kombat 3