Galaxy 10R

Galaxy 10R is a started on 25 January 2000 American communications satellite. He was in operation, one of the largest commercial enterprises for satellite based services three years for PanAmSat. The satellite was the fifteenth in the series of Galaxy communications satellite.

Path data

The satellite was moving in a geostationary orbit. This means that the circular orbit passes exactly above the equator and the orbital period exactly the period of rotation of the earth around its own axis ( one sidereal day) corresponded. Thus, the satellite from the earth seemed to stand still seen.

The satellite

Galaxy 10R has a weight of 2137 kg. With the help of its solar sail about 8800 watts of electrical power were generated to supply the 24 C-band and 24 Ku -band transponders with power to allow in North America almost all of the approximately 11,000 cable networks picture and sound and digital communication.


Galaxy 10R was launched on 25 January 20-00 at 1:12 UTC clock on board an Ariane 4 rocket on the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana and placed in a geostationary orbit. It was flight number 126 of the Ariane 4 rocket type.

After a short time had already failed before the primary XIPS - drive system, fell on August 3, 2004, still from the secondary system. The manufacturer of the satellite found that the system could not be repaired. So the life of Galaxy 10R was reduced to three years and this declared unsuitable satellite. The insurance claim has been satisfied and thus repaid 75.3 million U.S. dollars. In June 2008 he was transferred to a graveyard orbit.