Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel is an anime television series from 2001 of broccoli Ltd.. , Which was adapted as a manga and among others in several video games.

The work can be classified in the genre Bishojo, science fiction and comedy.

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Galaxy Angel working for a humanitarian society. In reality, it is with them to extraterrestrial humanoids with special powers that protect the world from the dangers of the universe. Your task is to find the so-called lost technology and bring man back to. Only then they may return home to their planet. Their enemies are the armies of Eonia and the hounds of hell. The Galaxy Angels are stationed at two spaceships: The Angel frame and the Galaxy Angel II


Production and publication

The anime series was in 2001 by Broccoli Ltd.. Studio Madhouse and directed by Morio Asaka and Yoshimitsu Ohashi. The character design was designed by Kanan and Mariko Fujita, the artistic director Kazuhiro Takahashi had held. The series was broadcast on April 7, 2001 to September 29, 2001 by the Japanese station Animax.

Animax sent the anime in South Korea, Southeast Asia, India and Latin America, while the series into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese was translated. In the Philippines, the anime of Animex, Hero TV and QTV Channel 11 has aired.



The music of the series Hikaru Nanase composed. The production took over the company Lantis. The header title Galaxy Bang! Bang! and the end credits song Horoscope Rhapsody come from Angel -tai.



Between April 2001 and March 2004, manga was published in the magazines to the anime Dragon Junior and Dragon Age the publisher JIVE. The drawings are by Kanan. The series was later published in eight anthologies.

Since March 2004, the continuation of Galaxy Angel Beta appears with the current seven volumes. As of February 2003 also the spin-off manga Galaxy Angel Party, which was designed by different artists and includes three volumes appeared.

The manga also appeared in English in Broccoli Books.


Followed in 2002 with Galaxy Angel Z is a continuation of the anime series. This was followed by three more sequels and a spin-off.

Computer Games

The game Galaxy Angel was released in Japan in August 2002 for Windows, in April 2003 for the Playstation 2 with Broccoli Ltd. .. August 2003 followed Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers for Windows, in February 2004 for Playstation 2 The third game, Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers, was released in August 2004 and for Windows in February 2005 for Playstation 2


From 16 to 22 March 2004 Musical to Galaxy Angel in the Kinokuniya southern theater was performed in Japan.