Galileo Ferraris

Galileo Ferraris ( born October 31, 1847 in Livorno Vercelli, in honor of Livorno Ferraris called him; † February 7, 1897 in Turin ) was an Italian engineer and physicist.

Ferraris since 1878 was professor of physics at the Reale Museo Industriale Italiano, Turin and since 1880 also professor of physics. 1886 to 1887, he set up the electrical engineering school in Turin, which thus became the first in Italy. He was with several electrical congresses representative of Italy and President of the Italian Electrotechnical Society.

His scientific work dealt primarily with electric power transmission, transformers and AC and AC technology.

After Galileo Ferraris Ferraris meters, was named one based on the eddy current principle electricity meter. This widespread energy meters are easy to recognize by the horizontal rotating disc, the Ferrari runners.


  • Scientific Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering. (Eng. by Finzi, Leipzig 1901)
  • Physicist (19th Century )
  • Personality of Electrical Engineering
  • Member of the Leopoldina (19th Century )
  • Honorary member of the Physical Society
  • Italian
  • Born in 1847
  • Died in 1897
  • Man