Gallows (band)

Gallows are an English hardcore punk band from Watford, England.


Their debut album, Orchestra of Wolves, was released on 26 September 2006, was surprisingly successful both in England and in the United States. The album came with fans and critics very good and the band won the 2007 Kerrang! Award for Best British Newcomer. In the Belly of a Shark, the first single from Orchestra of Wolves was released on the Playstation game Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

On 2 May 2009, the album Grey Britain was published. After that, the band embarked on several tours, where they played along with the entire 2009 Vans Warped Tour, played some festivals in Europe.

In January 2011, the singer Frank Carter announced that the band record a third album and the band will be sure to withdraw some time. In the summer of 2011 Gallows played some festivals and club shows. Already there was Frank Carter, without exception, a T-shirt of his side project " Pure Love", which gave its first concert on 14 January 2012.

On July 9, 2011 singer Frank Carter announced his exit from the band. Reasons musical differences in the recordings for the new album have been specified. After a long speculation about Frank Carter's successor, many names were mentioned. When hottest contenders were Tom Lacey, singer of the now defunct band The Ghost of a Thousand, George Noble, ex- singer of the English hardcore band Your Demise and Frank and Steph's brother Richard, who made ​​already with the band Black Hole a name in England had. Wade MacNeil, formerly guitarist and backing vocalist of Alexisonfire, was presented on August 9, 2011 as the new vocalist of the band. Shortly thereafter, True Colours appeared as a foretaste of the announced EP Death is Birth on Youtube and was offered free to download. In early December 2011, the EP Death is Birth was released worldwide on iTunes.

On September 10, Gallows released their third studio album, " Gallows ". The album received very good reviews and consolidates Wade MacNeill 's position as frontman also with the fans.

In February 2013, the band on their Facebook page announced that Steph Carter gets out of the band and they will be touring only four as in the early days.


The band plays a hand on a typical American old-school hardcore punk style similar style, with offer comparisons with Minor Threat, Black Flag or Slapshot.

Furthermore, can be found in the band's sound also numerous influences of Emo or Screamo bands. Noticeable here are the vocals, which is often shouted emotionally brutal, but also knows quieter, something weggetretene Parts. Furthermore, many song structures, as in emotional hardcore are common, structured so that alternate quieter parts and run-down guitars and explosive, chaotic part. The band itself calls some well-known emo / screamo bands like Envy, Drive Like Jehu, pg. 99, Swing Kids or Orchid as an influence donors.



  • 2005: 5 track demo


  • 2006: Orchestra of Wolves
  • 2009: Grey Britain
  • 2012: Gallows


  • 2007: Abandon Ship
  • 2007: In the Belly of a Shark
  • 2008: Just Because You Sleep Next to Me Does not Mean You're Safe
  • 2009: The Vulture ( Acts I & II)
  • 2009: London Is The Reason
  • 2009: I Dread The Night
  • 2009: Misery


  • 2005: Gallows / November Coming Fire split 7 "