Galyani Vadhana District

Amphoe Galyani Vadhana ( Thai: อำเภอ กัลยา ณิ วัฒนา, RTGS: Kanlayani Watthana ) is a district ( Amphoe - administrative district ) in the west of the province of Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai province is located in the northern region of Thailand.

The county was officially established on 26 December 2009. It was named after Princess Galyani Vadhana.


Neighboring districts are ( from east clockwise): Amphoe Samoeng the Mae Chaem and in the province of Chiang Mai, Amphoe Mueang, and Mae Hong Son and Pai of Mae Hong Son province

The district is located in the Doi Inthanon Mountain, where the settlements are usually found in the valleys.


The project for the establishment of the new district goes back to the year 1993, when on 17 May 1993, the Tambon Council of Tambon Ban Chan proposed a new sub-district ( King Amphoe ) of three Tambon of Amphoe Mae Chaem set. In the following years, preparations were made to do so. Due to the effects of the Asian crisis in 1997 all the proposed new districts were canceled by the government in order to avoid additional costs.

Around the year 2005, the project was back on the agenda and studies were the Department of Provincial Administration carried out by the provincial government and Chiang Mai. On 2 December 2008, the project was based on a proposal of the Ministry of Interior, a new district may be set up in honor of Princess Galyani Vadhana, approved by the Cabinet "in principle".

On 7 July, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX. ) The new district, which was previously named Wat Chan ( วัด จันทร์ ) was performed, the name Galyani Vadhana. In the cabinet meeting of 13 October then the Interior Ministry was authorized to establish a new district.

On December 25, 2009, the decree was published, by which the district was built with effect from 26 December. With its opening, the district of 878 district of Thailand was. Since Ban Chan is a Royal Project at Tambon, the new district had not first a sub-district ( King Amphoe ) be, but was promoted directly to the Amphoe. Initially, the new county administration is located in the premises of Tambon Ban Chan, a new building is being built in the village of Tambon 2 Chaem Luang.


Amphoe Galyani Vadhana is divided into three subdistricts (tambon ), which are further subdivided into 22 villages ( Muban ).

There are also three " Tambon Administrative Organizations" (TAO, องค์การ บริหาร ส่วน ตำบล - administrative organizations) in the district.