Gamaliel V.

Gamaliel V (reigned 365-380 ) ( רבן גמליאל החמישי ) was a Jewish patriarch. He was the son and successor of the patriarch Hillel II

The completion and perfection of the Jewish calendar, in 359 is the patriarch Gamaliel V. attributed.

He was known less as a religious teacher, but rather as a secular politician. Thus, from the sources of Gaonim ( " Seder Tanna'im we- Amora'im " ) produced only his name. But in a letter from the year 393 mentions Jerome, that Theodosius I ( 379-395 ) was condemned by the Roman consul Esychius to death because these documents of the patriarch Gamaliel had stolen.

The 16 -piece Theodosian Code, which summarizes the Roman laws 312-438 mentioning among other things, the imperial edicts of Theodosius I, symbolizes the freedom of the Jewish faith until Theodosius I.

Thus we read in the 13th edict from the eighth chapter of the 16th book of the Theodosian Code: " The privilege of the Jewish religion servants may enjoy just who is under the authority ( jurisdiction ) of the (Jewish) patriarch ( Gamaliel V. ). " The Jewish Patriarch in Eretz Israel was strengthened it and was in competition with the other patriarchs.

Still, Judaism was a religio licita. Even the three imperial edict " Cunctos populos " of 380, which explains the belief in the Trinity to mandatory state religion, did not apply to Judaism.