Game Boy Player

The Game Boy Player is an accessory for the Nintendo GameCube game console and allows you to play Game Boy games on the television. It was the last accessory that has been released for the GameCube.

Properties and Uses

In the Game Boy Player is an adapter that allows you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games on the GameCube on the TV screen. The adapter at the bottom of the GameCube is plugged into the broadband port and the game plugged into the expansion port of the Game Boy Player. Then a boot disc is inserted into the drive of the GameCube, with which you can start the Game Boy game. In addition, settings can be made, for example, can adjust the sharpness, zoom the screen or insert one of 20 different frame around the image.

Input Devices

The Game Boy Player can be operated with multiple gamepads like the normal GameCube gamepad. Alternatively can be used via a connecting cable, the Game Boy Advance consoles. Be to use the Game Boy player must, however, a GameCube controller connected.

Sales and variants

The Game Boy Player was released first in Japan in shades of indigo, black, or Spice Platinum on March 20, 2003. In Europe and America, he appeared on 20 June 2003 and on 24 June 2003 in the color black.