Game demo

Demo (short for demonstration ) is a mostly free presentation of a computer game, or even generally a computer program.

With the demo a product, a specific technique or a game principle is presented and potential buyers are addressed thus. Most of the demo on the internet that you can download or is located on disks in game magazines.

Demos often show the first level of a game, so that the potential buyers can gain an impression of the game. So he can decide if it suits the gameplay and if the game works at all properly on his computer. Also, can then be considered whether, for example, new hardware is needed to play the final game.

On the basis of a demo purchase decisions are often made and are therefore an important aspect of marketing demos of the games developer and publisher of computer games. A good or bad demo can affect the success of a game title decisive.

While demos appeared before the actual games release (see trailer, teaser) was originally the trend around the turn of the century to the 21st century to bring more towards demos after the actual game release on the market. Since around 2005, the trend is, however, again in the direction of the release of demos before the game.

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