GameFAQs is a website that holds walkthroughs and tricks for computer games, where most of the entries submitted by the users. Furthermore, the users have the opportunity to publish their own reviews to the games. According to CBS Interactive, the website contains information for 60,000 games, of which 44,000 FAQs / Solutions, 220.000 cheats and 418 million forum posts. It is thus the largest database generated by the users.

The site is one of the most visited websites. Quantcast is an average number of users of 5.7 million people a month on ( space 166, June 2009) Alexa lists the page number 315 (June 2009). GameFAQs counts according to the website of the British newspaper The Guardian about the best computer game websites, and was called by their 2004 " 100 most useful websites " under the. From the German magazine NEON was designated as one of the " 50 most useful websites in the world".


GameFAQs Founded in 1995 by Jeff " CJayC " Veasey as Video Game FAQ Archive. A year later it was renamed the page in GameFAQ. At this time, the side containing less than 1000 FAQ.

1997 GameFAQs became an independent partner of Imagine Games Network ( IGN). During this time the user competitions were introduced. Towards the end of 1999 followed by the first Test with discussion forums. In August 2000 1 Million Views were measured in a day for the first time. 2001 together with the cooperation IGN has ended.

In 2003 the site was sold to CNET for $ 2.2 million. It was followed by a merger with the discussion forums of GameSpot, another site that is also part of CNET. CNET was again taken over by the CBS Corporation 2008.

Technical details

The walkthrough, cheats and reviews are detected mainly in text format. In addition, it is possible graphics, such as for cards or screenshot, upload. The discussion forums essentially support only the text format.