Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica

Gamesa Corporación Tecnológica is a listed manufacturer of wind turbines based in Zamudio in Vitoria- Gasteiz, in the northern province of Álava. In addition to wind turbines and parks provides Gamesa also manufactures photovoltaic systems and solar parks.


The company was founded in 1976 as Grupo Auxiliar Metalúrgico, SA as a mechanical engineering company; from the early 1990s, the company operates as a supplier in the aerospace industry and in the construction of wind turbines; took place in 2000, the IPO and a little later the historical activities in the aerospace and automotive activities yet. The activities of Gamesa today consist of the manufacture and maintenance of wind turbines and the development and construction of wind farms.

The company is active in the countries of Spain, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Dominican Republic, United Kingdom and the United States. The German subsidiary based in Oldenburg operates under Gamesa Energy Germany GmbH.

Gamesa since December 2013 part of the stock market index IBEX 35