Gamma Geminorum

160 L ☉

Alhena is the name of γ Geminorum (Gamma Geminorum ), the third brightest star in the constellation Gemini. Alhena has a brightness of 1.9 mag and is a white star of spectral type A0. The absolute magnitude of -0.7 mag and the distance about 100 light-years. Alhena is a white dwarf star. It has the 160 times brighter than our sun and doing a surface temperature of about 9000 Kelvin. Its diameter is only five times the earth.

The name comes from Arabic Alhena الهنعه, DMG al - Han'āh, the sign (on the neck of the camel ) '. Other description: Almeisan from Arabic المیسان, DMG al - Maysan, the lights '.