The Gamma (Greek neuter γάμμα, Γ majuscule, minuscule γ ) is the third letter of the Greek alphabet and had before the introduction of Arabic numerals the numerical value of 3


  • The Γ - function denotes a function in mathematics, which may be regarded as an expansion of the factorial function on the complex number plane. For all natural numbers, while the following relationship exists:
  • In mathematics, γ denotes the Euler - Mascheroni constant.
  • The mapping of images by means of electronic devices, or in the image processing a short name for the gamma correction. Is the adjustment or correction of the course of the gray scale values ​​(ie the average values) between the 100% black, and 100% white. Or: Compensation and adaptation of the course of the mean color brightness, color values ​​or shades ( to the visual sensitivity of the eye).
  • In probability theory, the gamma distribution refers to a distribution function.
  • In the differential geometry Γ denotes the Christoffel symbols.
  • In option theory Γ denotes the second derivative of the option price by the price of the underlying.
  • In physics, the symbol γ of the photon. In a narrower sense, it refers to in the art as only the very high-energy photons ( gamma rays).
  • In physics, γ denotes the Lorentz factor.
  • In the High Energy Physics Γ denotes the decay width
  • In physics, γ is also used as a symbol of the gyromagnetic ratio.
  • Rare γ is used in physics as a sign for the gravitational constant.
  • In thermodynamics, the adiabatic exponent γ often referred to.
  • In quantum field theory, the Dirac matrices are denoted by γ.
  • As Gamma ( unit symbol γ ) were referred to 4 June 1970, the unit of magnetic flux density.
  • In statistics Gamma (symbol: ) is a measure of ordinal association, such as the, or ( tau a, tau b, tau c ) based on the pair concept.
  • In astronomy denotes the gamma value of an eclipse how central the Moon's shadow strikes the Earth.
  • In communication engineering Γ denotes the SNR - Gap, which models the difference between theoretical and achievable channel capacity.
  • γ was used as a synonym for microgram (deprecated).
  • In medicine, particularly in anesthesia and intensive care medicine, is used γ sometimes as an alternative name for a microgram per kilogram of body weight per minute, especially in the dosage of catecholamines.
  • In building a partial safety factor γ often referred to.
  • For the transliteration of a character of the Mongolian script used letter.
  • In the International Phonetic Alphabet is the lower case gamma ɣ the sign for the voiced velar fricative
  • As a symbol for the unit weight