Gaping Gill

54.19464 - 2.382569Koordinaten: 54 ° 11 ' 41 " N, 2 ° 22' 57 " W

The Gaping Gill ( also Gaping Ghyll ) is a natural cave on the southeast flank of the mountain Ingleborough in North Yorkshire, England.

The Fell Beck is a small watercourse which arises above the cave on the eastern flank of Ingleborough (54 ° 9 ' 23 " N, 2 ° 22' 49 " W54.156403 - 2.380393 ) and then flows into the Gaping Gill. The Fell Beck thereby forms the highest underground waterfall with a total drop of 105 meters.

The Fell Beck seeps at the bottom of Gaping Gill, who is also one of the largest cave rooms of Britain. The water flows underground to the Ingleborough Cave cave, which then leaves it as Clapham Beck, which forms a tributary of the River Lune on the River Wenning.

The Bradford Pothole Club and the Craven Pothole Club allow twice a year access to Gaping Gill with the help of a winch.


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