Garab Dorje

Garab Dorje ( Tibetan དགའ་རབ་རྡོ་རྗེ་ dga ' rab rdo rje, Sanskrit: Prahevajra or Surativajra called ) was the first human master of Dzogchen ( Atiyoga, Mahasandhi ), the teachings of the Great Perfection, as in the Nyingma School of Tibetan Buddhism are transmitted taught.

Transmission of Dzogchen by Vajrasattva

Accurate historical data on the life Garab Dorje are not available, he was born according to tradition, in a supernatural way. His mother, a nun in the country Oddiyana is said to have received it for a mystical vision. It grew quickly and was said to be very taught as a child, so he was adopted by the King of Oddiyana. The detectable by Buddhist texts Empire Oddiyana is suspected in the area of present-day Pakistan and Afghanistan. Garab Dorje received according to tradition, the teachings of Dzogchen from Vajrasattva Buddha sambhogakaya after being inspired by the Dharmakaya Buddha Samantabhadra to do so.

Philosophical debate with Manjusrimitra

At the age of seven years Garab Dorje is the Buddhist scholars of the kingdom have amazed with its outstanding knowledge in such a way that the great Mahayana scholar Manjusrimitra specially traveled from the University of Nalanda in India after Oddiyana to the boy in a debate on Buddhist philosophy beat. Manjusrimitra could in this debate, in which Garab Dorje compatibility with and superiority of Dzogchen over the classical Mahayana teachings pointed out, can not find a starting point to refute Garab Dorje's teaching.

Garab Dorje student of

Manjusrimitra recognized the particular importance of the doctrine set forth by Garab Dorje and he realized that only an exceptional being was in a position to transfer such a doctrine. Then he regretted having Garab Dorje challenged, and asked the boy to be allowed to become his pupil. Garab Dorje put his teachings of Dzogchen is fully commissioned and Manjusrimitra to make a treatise on the debate. Even if the life data Garab Dorje and Manjusrimitras are unknown, can this still standing today font, if one assumes their style and the mentioned therein philosophical perspectives, about the 5/6 Century AD date. Furthermore turned Manjushrimitra all teachings that Garab Dorje transmitted, in a three-part system (the three series of Dzogchen: Semde, Longde and Manngagde ) together. The main Garab Dorje students it was Manjusrimitra, continued the Garab Dorje initiated by Dzogchen lineage and transferred to Sri Singha.

Dzogchen in Tibet

This Dzogchen transmission has been established all disciples of Sri Singha, with the introduction of Buddhism in Tibet in the 8th century by Padmasambhava, Vimalamitra and Vairocana. From this time the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism can be seen, is considered the highest and most important tantric teaching in Dzogchen.

The Testament of Garab Dorje

At the time of his death to Garab Dorje, according to tradition, the result of the Dzogchen practice demonstrated by dissolving his body miraculously in its energetic components ( light). He left his spiritual testament, in which he summarized the essence of his teaching in three short verses. These verses are also known under the title The Three Vajra Verses.

  • The direct introduction into the original state [ ... ]
  • The students [ ... ] has no more about what is doubt.
  • The student remains in this state [ ... ]