Gardaland Resort

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Gardaland in Castelnuovo del Garda in Peschiera del Garda on Lake Garda in the Veneto region is 2.85 million visitors in 2011, the largest theme park in Italy.

  • 4.1 Detailed overview about the former range of the park


The park was opened in 1975 and now has over 32 rides and nine shows on approximately 33 acres. Although the division into subject areas is difficult, one can count the Gardaland to the genus of the theme parks, as each attraction is discussed for itself. Main attractions in the park are in addition to the roller coasters, the water attractions and theme cruises. Currently it is still home to Italy's largest dolphinarium. It should be closed and the animals are relocated. The last dolphin and seal show was held in January 2013, currently the buildings are still completely intact and the animals. Still in the system

Through the four-star rated " Gardaland Hotel Resort " was created in 2004 for an accommodation with 247 rooms in the immediate vicinity of the park. 2005, the park in a published by the business magazine Forbes study was set to the 5th place of the most successful amusement parks around the world.

Since 2006, the newly built " Gardaland Theatre " with a compilation of the great American musicals for approximately 2,500 parking spectators. In the summer months, the park remains open to 23 clock and visitors are lights removals, light and laser shows as well as once a week offered a fireworks display.

In October 2006, 90.8 % of Gardaland for about 500 million euros were taken over by the Blackstone Group and integrated into the Merlin Entertainments Group.

In Milan, the water park " Aquatica by Gardaland " opened in 2007, the " Gardaland Waterpark " is since 2008. 2008 opened with a Sea Life Centre, the third park of the resort. Furthermore, in the 2008 season opened a new roller coaster in the park, a 1030 -meter-long mine coaster from Vekoma named Mammoth with the theme " glacier ".

Opened in 2011, another new roller coaster in the park of B & M with the name Raptor.


How many amusement parks Gardaland also has a mascot. To this end, the dragon Prezzemolo was created (Eng. parsley). In addition to this, there are still more Princess Aurora ( the daughter of King Astor ), the panda Bambù, the bird Pagüi the bat Mously and Tiger Ti - Gey.

While Prezzemolo in Italy very well known and also the merchandising around him is very large, it is hardly known outside Italy. Prezzemolo even has its own cartoon series, which is known throughout Italy.

Attractions and rides

Fantasy ( Children's Land )

  • Trans Gardaland Express ( train through the park )
  • Giostra Cavalli ( Great Carousel )
  • Funny Express ( train through a country Imp )
  • Albero di Prezzemolo ( The Tree of Prezzemolo ) Tree in the middle of the country's children with a height of about 15 meters and a trunk diameter of about 11 meters. The branches extend over a total area of 2000 m², while the treetop occupies a total area of ​​4300 m². The tree crown can be reached on foot and offers a viewing platform overlooking the children's area.
  • In the basement is the attraction Magic House ( Mad House )


  • Jungle Rapids (Rapid River)
  • I Corsari ( Dark Ride with pirate theme in the boat )
  • Ramses (interactive dark ride / ghost train with theme " aliens invade Ancient Egypt " )
  • Time Voyagers (4D Cinema, 2012: Ice Age)


  • Colorado Boat ( flume ride in the trunk )
  • Top Spin
  • Space Vertigo ( drop tower )
  • Fuga da Atlantide ( elaborate water coaster )
  • The Spectacular 4D Adventure ( 4D cinema with a changing program )

Roller coasters

  • Blue Tornado ( Suspended Looping Coaster)
  • Magic Mountain ( looping coaster )
  • Mammoth ( mine roller coaster, in operation since March 19, 2008 )
  • Ortobruco Tour ( family coaster )
  • Raptor
  • Sequoia Adventure ( rollercoaster with longer overhead trips)


  • Western and Country Show
  • Dolphin and seal show ( Palablù ) (until January, 2013, now the show has been set and the Dolphinarium is closed)
  • Parade and more night shows (only if the park is open until midnight )

Gardaland Express

Gardaland Express ticket is a special offer of the amusement park. The ticket allows instant access ( via a separate entrance ) for each attraction. It will be stamped at the entrance of the ride from one of the park employees and is only valid on one day. There are two types of tickets for which different rides are included.

Detailed overview about the former range of the park

( Fantasy Kingdom )

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