Garden of the Gods

View of the Garden of the Gods, with its unusual rock formations


The Garden of the Gods ( " Garden of the Gods " ) is an approximately 520 -acre public park on the outskirts of Colorado Springs at the foot of Pikes Peak, located in the U.S. state of Colorado. Its red sandstone formations of 65 million year old sediments are similar to those of the Red Rocks west of Denver. The name Colorado (colored) to go back on these colored sandstone.


The park founded in 1909, enjoys great popularity as a tourist destination. Hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking on specially constructed paths are possible. The unusual and steep, sometimes bizarre rock formations with names like " Kissing Camels " or " Weeping Indian " also attract many climbers. The instability of the sandstone, especially after heavy rainfall, however, has already claimed some victims. Despite all that mountain climbing is allowed in the Garden of the Gods. Still very popular with the tourists, the rides are offered on horseback through the park. The provider is an equestrian stud farm in the south of the park and rides are offered up to 2 hours. The leader of the group of riders also explain exactly the rock formations, plants and wildlife.

The tourist infrastructure also include a visitor center, which is open during the tourist season ( Memorial Day to Labor Day ), as well as a hotel, the " Hidden Inn ". In addition, there are several picnic areas.

The name

Although often assumed the name " Garden of the Gods " non-Indian origin. It was only in August 1859 two surveyors came to this area in the context of building the city of Colorado City. One of them, MS Beach is reported to have said at the sight of the red rocks that this would be an ideal place for a beer garden. Its also greatly impressed companion Rufus Cable replied literally " beer garden? But one of the gods! Let's call it the Garden of the Gods ". A beer garden was never opened here, but the name stuck.