Gardena AG

The company Gardena GmbH based in Ulm is a subsidiary of the Swedish Husqvarna Group. Gardena is a manufacturer of fashion products with an annual turnover of around 420 million euros. Gardena is the European leader for garden equipment.


In 1961, the company Kress Kastner GmbH was founded by the merchants Eberhard Kastner ( 1928-2004 ) and Werner Kress. Five years later, was the brand name of Gardena, the company was renamed as Gardena Kress Kastner GmbH. 1968 was followed by the introduction of the hose connection system ( Original GARDENA System), eight years later, the changes stem connection ( GARDENA combi system).

The IPO as Gardena Holding AG, in 1996, from 1999 to 2004 was Chairman of the Board Dr. Wolfgang Jahrreiss. Three years later, Gardena was sold by the founding families to the Swedish private equity firm Industri Kapital 2003 then was delisted Gardena shares and the company was renamed as Gardena AG. A year later, the U.S. subsidiary was " Melnor Inc." and sold with Martin Bertinchamp appointed a new CEO.

In December 2006, Industri Kapital Gardena sold for 730 million euros at Husqvarna. The AG was renamed again to the GmbH. As part of a restructuring of the group the different functional areas were further integrated into the global organization for the Husqvarna Group.


Subsidiary of Gardena include the Gardena Manufacturing GmbH in Ulm ( with manufacturing plants in Germany ), the pod Pradědem ( with plants in the Czech Republic ), the Husqvarna Logistics GmbH (formerly hortus GmbH) as well as the Gardena Germany GmbH in Advanced Plastics sro, Vrbno Ulm (responsible for sales in Germany ). In many other countries Gardena is represented by the respective distribution companies in the Husqvarna Group.

Pictures of the products

A hose reel cart

An irrigation computer

A shaft with interchangeable garden tools

A lopper