Gardermoen Line

The Gardermobane (German Gardermobahn ) is a 64 km long double-track high -speed rail in Norway, between Oslo and Eidsvoll in Etterstad. The route north of Lillestrøm was completed for the opening of Oslo Airport Gardermoen.


The train service was launched on 1 August 1998, the new airport became operational on 1 October of the same year his business on. The tunnel Romeriksporten Etterstad between Lillestrøm and could not be put into service before October 22, 1999 due to extensive water leaks and the seal resulting work.

On the route normally operates the Express Train between Oslo and Oslo Airport Gardermoen. In addition, long-distance, regional and local trains on the track, as well as tank car trains which supply the airport with fuel for the aircraft. All other freight trains still use the Hovedbane.

The construction of the Gardermobane cost a total, including the train sets, 10 billion Norwegian kroner and lasted 5 years 1994 to 1999.