Gare Saint-Charles (Marseille)

  • Railway line Paris -Marseille ( 862.1 km )
  • Marseille- Ventimiglia railway line (km 0.0 )
  • Railway line Lyon -Marseille ( 444.2 km )
  • Railway Marseille -Saint- Charles Marseille Joliette ( 0.0 km )


The train station Marseille -Saint -Charles is the most important railway station of Greater Marseille. A first station building was opened on 8 January 1848 the present building was not completed until some years later. The railhead is located on a small hill near the city center.

The number of passengers has increased greatly in recent years: in 2000 there were 7.1 million passengers, there were in 2008 already 15.5 million. This is particularly associated with the commissioning of the high-speed line LGV Méditerranée, which shortened the journey time from Paris to Marseille to three hours.


The station is located at Km 862.125 of the railway line Paris -Marseille and at Km 444.084 of the railway line Lyon -Marseille. He is also the starting point of the railway lines Marseille- Ventimiglia | Marseille -Saint- Charles Marseille Joliette.

He has 16 head track and is electrified at 1500 V DC. A parking area is located north of the station.


The station building was built in 1848 in the form of a comprehensive underground the tracks, there was a wing for the incoming and departing for passengers. These two wings were connected by a glass roof to a train station.

After the Second World War, the north wing was demolished in order to expand the station can. The hall roof and get it load-bearing wall remained. End of the 1990 years, it was necessary to structure the new station. The project included, among others, the redevelopment of the bus station and the surrounding neighborhoods, in connection with the commissioning of the LGV Méditerranée. In June 2001, the newly designed station was put into operation, including the cross- platform has been completely renewed. On the north side of the new hall Honnorat opened in 2007, it has an area of ​​6400 m².


Saint-Charles railway station there are connections by TGV to the following stations: Paris Gare de Lyon, TGV Massy, Marne -la- Vallée- Chessy, Aéroport Charles de Gaulle 2 TGV, Valence TGV, Aix -en- Provence TGV, Avignon TGV, Nimes, Lyon Part -Dieu and Lille-Europe. Since March 23, 2012, there is a TGV direct connection via Lyon, Strasbourg and Mannheim to Frankfurt.

Compounds with Intercités made ​​to the stations Nimes, Montpellier, Beziers, Perpignan, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nice and Ventimiglia.

The train station Marseille -Saint -Charles is the main hub for regional trains of TER Provence- Alpes- Côte d' Azur. From it many lines lead into the surrounding countryside, including Toulon, Nice, Aix -en- Provence, Briançon, Grenoble, Lyon and Avignon.


The station is served by two metro lines of the Métro Marseille, operated by the Régie des Transports de Marseille. Also, keep some bus lines at the station. The train station has, since 2006, a large bus station, this is the hub of " Cartreize ", a bus company in the department of Bouches -du -Rhône.