Garrettsville, Ohio

Portage County


Garrettsville is a village in Portage County, Ohio, United States. At the 2000 census, the town had 2,262 inhabitants, for July 1, 2006 was awarded from the U.S. Census Bureau 2203 population. Garrettsville is part of the Akron metropolitan area.


Garrettsville was formed as a separate community across borders on parts of the areas of the townships Hiram Township, Freedom Township and Nelson Township ( Portage County, Ohio). These townships were surveyed as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve.

Colonel John Garrett III bought in 1803 some 1.2 square kilometers of land in Nelson Township, which today is the biggest reason share of Garrettsville. The costs amounted to $ 1,313. 1803 was also the year in which Ohio the 17th state of the USA was. In July of the following year the colonel moved with his family and two friends the country. These settlers decided the waters of Silver Creek to use a saw and build a flour mill. In January 1806 they were completed. John Garrett was able to complete just in experience, but died in the same month.

1806 the road from Cleveland was built to Pittsburgh, which led past the mill. The facilitated transport of the material to be ground and the flour enormously, so that the mill was many orders of the pioneers who just built up in that time, their farms in the area. Previously, these farmers had to grind their grain in smaller, family-owned mills, which often did not work properly from lack of water or other reasons. Now they had only way to the road Cleveland -Pittsburgh Create and then could reach the mill in Garrettsville easily. Within a radius of about 30 kilometers, the grain in the mill Garrett was ground.

1864 had already settled so many citizens in the vicinity of the mill, that you could go to it to build an independent municipality. This happened officially on September 1, 1864, and was a Garrettsville Village.


At the beginning of the 20th century Garrettsville was the world's largest producer of maple syrup. The main reason for this success was the factory of Arthur Crane in the Windham Street, where the syrup was bottled and sent. A contributory factor but also the location of the town is in the city triangle of Akron - Cleveland - Youngstown, where within a radius of only 60 kilometers, about one- third of the population lives Ohio. Then there is the Western Reserve characteristic for this part of the former Connecticut countryside with its planted with maple trees, hills and plains, which provide an excellent basis for agriculture.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Hart Crane (1899-1932), American poet
  • Jeff Richmond ( born 1961 ), American composer