A garrison ( from Old French: garrison, "occupation ", " equipment " and therefore also " Garnish " ) is a military term for a place where military units, military departments, and the like are always accommodated. Also housed there troops are called garrison. In Germany it is called a garrison today, " location ", in Austria and Switzerland, the term garrison is still in use.

The in a Garnisonort the rank after senior officer was in Germany garrison elder (today: Location elder ) called and was superior of the whole garrison. He had to care for properly handling the garrison service based on all the garrison in their entirety relevant tasks such security service, legal services, employment services and the like referring to.

The provisions on the handling of the garrison service were included for the German Reich in the garrison regulation of 15 March 1902. Larger cities and forts garrison commander had special, a place where Major was added for support. Great forts and capitals were also still a governor.

In larger garrison towns in Germany, there were facilities such as cafes and dance location or garrison churches, which were intended to accommodate the arrival of the soldiers stationed at the site.