Gary Goodridge

Gary Goodridge ( born January 17, 1966 in Trinidad and Tobago ) is a kickboxer and mixed martial arts fighter. He has a black belt in Kuk Sool 3 -dan won and played in his career so far, among other battles in K-1, UFC and Pride FC for. He lives and trains in Barrie (Ontario, Canada).

Goodridge began his martial arts career in boxing, 1994, he was national champion boxer in the heavyweight division in Canada.

Goodridge was 1997 1 IVC tournament winner and 1996 UFC 8 Tournament Finalist. In K-1 he won the World Grand Prix in Hawaii 2005. 2005 and 2006, Gary Goodridge reached in each case the final of the K -1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas.


  • 2006 K -1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas finalist
  • 2005 K -1 World GP in Hawaii champion
  • 2005 K -1 World Grand Prix in Las Vegas finalist
  • 1997 1st I.V.C Tournament Champion
  • 1996 UFC 8 Tournament Finalist