Garzau - Garzin is a municipality in the district office belonging to Mark- Or land in Brandenburg. It is administered by the Office märkische Switzerland with headquarters in Buckow ( Märkische Switzerland ).

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Geographical Location

The municipality is located in the Natural Park märkische Switzerland in a glacial gully. The western boundary runs through the fen area Rotes Luch, which forms the North Sea - Baltic Sea watershed and is drained by the Stobber to the Baltic Sea and the North Sea to Stobberbach. Through the community, including through the park Garzin, the Lichtenower Mill Stream flows (also Zinndorfer Mühlenfließ, Zinndorfer flow, or Garzower Mühlenfließ ) which has a chain of lakes by flowing into a side channel with the Long Lake at Garzin.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Garzau and Garzin and the inhabited parts of the municipality Liebenhof and mountain sheep and the living space Anitz.


As the castle wall Garzin shows, the region of today's villages already at the latest time in the Slavic 8./10. Century settled. In the German Ostsiedlung the original Angersdorf Garzau was first mentioned in 1247 as a frontier town in the possession of the monastery of Zinna on the Barnim. The first mention of the village street Anger Garzin took place in 1309 in the name of Strausbergerplatz Consul Johanne de Garzin. Both villages were in the 14th and 15th centuries in the possession of the noble family Wulkow, then in the possession of Pfuel.

The municipality was created on 31 December 2001, from the voluntary merger of the previously independent municipalities Garzau and Garzin.


Municipal council

The municipal council of Garzau - Garzin consists of 11 community representatives including the local mayors.

(As at municipal election on October 26, 2003)

Culture and sights

Garzau Castle and country park and pyramid of the Count of Schmettau

The original manor house was built in 1911 Garzau destroyed in a fire and rebuilt as a castle again. The applied from 1780 by Count Friedrich Wilhelm Carl von Schmettau landscape park is now completely overgrown. Count of Schmettau built a pyramid in the park in 1784, which would serve as his mausoleum after his death. The pyramid of boulders is accessible via external ramps made ​​of bricks on their head is an observation pavilion. The sandstone portal was designed in 1784 by Carl Gotthard Langhans. The pyramid was never used as a mausoleum, since 1804 Graf Schmettau Garzau sold again and instead Schloss Köpenick acquired as a residence. The sandstone portal was expanded in 1815 and incorporated as a side portal in the Strausbergerplatz parish church of St. Mary. The pyramid fell into the following period. A development association has the overgrown ruins in the years 2001-2010 uncovered and rebuilt. The Langhans sandstone portal was created as a replica of the now located in Strausberg original new. The interior is yet to be restored.

English landscape park of Count Schmettau in Garzau

Castle Garzau in 2012


  • Village church in Garzau (registered monument )
  • Bunker of the computer center of the NVA
  • Village church in Garzin (registered monument )
  • Slavic castle wall in Garzin
  • Village church Garzau
  • Village church Garzin