Gas Natural

Gas Natural SDG, S. A. is a multinational company which acts under the name of Gas Natural Fenosa. The center of his activity is the supply, distribution and marketing of natural gas in Spain, Latin America and Italy. In recent years, it has diversified its operations with the production and marketing of electrical energy.

The company has about 10 million customers and 6,752 employees, of which slightly more than 50 % in Spain. It is mainly active in the countries of Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Italy, Puerto Rico and Morocco.

The company is based in Barcelona. On the site of the former gasworks in the district of Barceloneta is the corporate headquarters.

The president of the company is Gabarró Serra and his deputy Rafael Villaseca Marco. Significant shareholder shares are owned by Repsol YPF and La Caixa.

A proposed in December 2005 hostile takeover of the Madrid competitors ENDESA had to be regarded as a failure by the German E.ON offers much higher. 2009 took over Gas Natural Spanish energy provider Unión Fenosa.

2012 Fenosa was involved in an unclear LPG business in Ukraine.