Gash-Barka Region

Gash Barka ( Tigrinya: ጋሽ - ባርካ, Italian Regione di Gash Barka ) is a region of Eritrea with about 799,000 inhabitants. Its main town, Barentu.


The inhabitants of the Gash Barka region belong to the ethnic groups of the Kunama, Nara, Hedareb, Tigre, Tigrinya, Saho, Bilen and Rashaida.


Gash Barka is located in southwestern Eritrea and on the west by Sudan, on the south by Ethiopia. Named the Region according to the two non- year-round water-bearing rivers Gash Barka and.

The region consists of the districts Agordat, Barentu, Dghe, Forto, Gogne, Haykota, Logo Anseba, Mensura Mogola, Molki, Omhajer, Shambuko, Tesseney and upper - Gash.

In Gash Barka also lies - Eritrean understanding - the town of Badme in Yirga Triangle, which was claimed by Ethiopia as part of the Tigray region; the border dispute to this place sparked the Eritrea - Ethiopia war much with.


The region is the "breadbasket of Eritrea ," since it is relatively agriculturally fertile. There should be about 3.5 million head of cattle here. There are grown arabic millet, sesame, cotton, bananas, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, melons and rubber.

Mineral resources are available in Gash Barka marble and gold. In Augaro there are remains of the run by the Italian colonial gold mining.


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