Gassendi (crater)


Gassendi is a large crater in the southwestern quadrant of the Moon. The Wall plane has a diameter of about 110 km and is characterized by numerous hills and moon grooves as well as some high central mountains. It lies on the western edge of the gently undulating Mare Nubium and just north of Mare Humorum.

The rim is heavily eroded and broken by the younger crater Gassendi A in the north. Gassendi and his Central Mountains are in the grazing light - to see - about 3 days after half-moon phase; An amazingly rich object, even in a small telescope (four- to eight- inch model ).

  • Selenografische coordinates of the center of the crater: 17 ° 36 ' South, 40 ° 06' West
  • Named after the French scientist and mathematician Pierre Gassendi ( 1592-1655 ).