Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon

Gaston de Raouix Raousset - Boulbon ( born December 2, 1817 in Avignon, † August 12, 1854 in Hermosillo, Mexico) was a French adventurer and filibuster.


He entstanmmte the impoverished gentry from the region of Avignon and was distantly related to the French royal house. After he had spent his youth in part under adventurous circumstances in Algeria, he followed the call of the California Gold Rush. Once there, the most interesting claims were already taken, so he took two attempts in the following years, as some other adventurers - so-called filibuster - to create a separate state under his leadership in Sonora. From the Mexican military but he was defeated, captured and executed on August 12, 1854 in Hermosillo.


Gaston de Raousset - Boulbon left several journals, including:

  • La question des travailleurs résolue par la colonization de l' Algérie, T. Fischer aîné, Avignon 1848 online in Site gallica ( BnF )
  • Une conversion, novel, Jacottet, Bourdillat, Paris 1857 online in Site gallica ( BnF )