Gaucho (Album)


Gaucho is the seventh studio album by the American jazz - rock band Steely Dan, and was published in 1980.


The recordings for " Gaucho " represented the culmination of Steely Dan's perfectionism dar. At least 42 different musicians spent more than two grueling years in the studio. The budget their record was exceeded by far. It has been calculated that for this album took place in three different studios in Los Angeles and New York 1000 session hours. For a short guitar solo in "Time Out of Mind " several world class guitarists were worn until Donald Fagen and Walter Becker were satisfied with the result of Mark Knopfler. Shortly before completion of the work on the album it came to disaster: A studio assistant accidentally played over the tape with the final produced entitled " The Second Arrangement". Becker and Fagen were inconsolable especially the song again tried laboriously einzuspielen again, then decided, however, to replace him with the title of " Third World Man". The title came to a large extent the " Aja " recording sessions.

After " Gaucho " Fagen and Becker Steely Dan put on ice, the next album was released 20 years later in 2000.

Private situation

Beckers increasing drug -loaded the work on the album. In addition, Becker was hit by a car. During his hospital stay, and the six-month recovery Fagen worked on and agreed by telephone from with Becker. On 30 January 1980, died Becker's girlfriend Karen Roberta Stanley at his home from an overdose of drugs. Her family sued Becker in January 1981 to 17.5 million dollars because she had become addicted by it. The court dismissed the action.


Some fans and critics felt " Gaucho " too perfect and too little varied. Harmonically complex chord changes of earlier Steely Dan songs are less well represented on the album. " Gaucho " as previously Aja also won a Grammy.

Title list

All songs were written by Walter Becker and Donald Fagen, unless otherwise indicated. In the melody of the theme song Keith Jarrett found similarities to his composition " Long As You Know You're Living Yours" from his album " Belonging". After a legal dispute Becker and Fagen had to also add Jarrett's name as a composer.

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  • Walter Becker - bass, guitar
  • Donald Fagen - organ, synthesizer, keyboards, electric piano, vocals
  • Anthony Jackson - Bass
  • Chuck Rainey - Bass
  • Don Grolnick - keyboards, electric piano, Clavinet
  • Rob Mounsey - synthesizer, piano
  • Pat Rebillot - keyboards, electric piano
  • Joe Sample - electric piano
  • Hiram Bullock - Guitar
  • Larry Carlton - guitar
  • Rick Derringer - Guitar
  • Steve Khan - acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Mark Knopfler - Lead guitar on " Time Out of Mind"
  • Hugh McCracken - guitar
  • Wayne Andre - trombone
  • Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone, vocals
  • Randy Brecker - trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Ronnie Cuber - baritone saxophone
  • Walter Kane - Bass Clarinet
  • George Marge - bass clarinet
  • David Sanborn - alto saxophone, vocals
  • David Tofani - tenor saxophone, vocals
  • Steve Gadd - Percussion, Drums
  • Rick Marotta - drums
  • Robbie Buchanan - piano, synthesizers and vocals
  • Jeff Porcaro - drums, percussion
  • Bernard " Pretty" Purdie - drums
  • Crusher Bennett - percussion
  • Victor Feldman - Percussion, Keyboards
  • Ralph MacDonald - percussion
  • Nicky Marrero - drums, timbales and vocals
  • Patti Austin - vocals, background vocals
  • Frank Floyd - background vocals
  • Diva Gray - vocals, background vocals
  • Gordon Grody - vocals, background vocals
  • Lani Groves - vocals, background vocals
  • Michael McDonald - vocals, background vocals
  • Leslie Miller - vocals, background vocals
  • Jennifer James - vocals, background vocals
  • Zachary Sanders - vocals, background vocals
  • Valerie Simpson - vocals, background vocals
  • Zack Sanders - background vocals
  • Toni Wine - vocals, background vocals