Gauge (engineering)

Gauge or Gage ( pronunciation: [ geidʒ ] Abbreviation:. G or gg) is an English word for different German terms. It denotes one hand, the measured physical quantity, ie in particular a measure, especially a gauge or gauge block, and on the other hand the corresponding instrument, in particular a gauge, dial gauge or a micrometer, for the metrological determination of this size.

Unit of measurement

The unit Gauge or Gage is used in the following items:

  • Size of needles for syringes
  • The number of stitches on needles 1.5 Engl. Inch ( = 38.1 mm) with knits
  • , Mainly used, the thickness of wires, screws and thin sheets in North America American Wire Gauge (AWG)
  • Imperial Standard Wire Gauge ( SWG or ISWG )
  • Birmingham Wire Gauge ( BWG)