Gawar (Armenian Գավառ ) is the capital of the Armenian province (Mars) Gegharkunik. It lies on the western side of Lake Sevan in the Armenian highlands and has 22,143 inhabitants ( 2009).


The Urartian king Rusa I, son of Sarduri, built on the steep cliff above the town a fortress called dḪaldiei URUKUR ( Haldi City). You should probably protect the newly conquered province Ueliḫi.

The town was founded by Armenian immigrants from the town of Beyazit in modern Turkey in 1830 and therefore was called Nor Bayazid (Armenian ) or Novobiadzitch (Russian ) ( German: Neu- Bayezid ). The town was granted city rights in 1850. During the period of the Soviet Union ( 1959-1996 ), the city was called Kamo, named after the Georgian revolutionary Armenian descent Kamo Ter -Petrossian.


The city had in the 1980s, more than 35,000 inhabitants, but after the Soviet Union collapsed, industrial production and thus employment and income opportunities together extensively, and the population declined due to emigration, especially of working men looking to Russia, sharply. Only in recent years is again observed a slight economic upturn.

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