Gavin Friday

Gavin Friday ( born October 8, 1959 as Fionan Hanvey in Dublin) is an Irish singer, songwriter, composer and painter. He was a founding member of the post-punk group Virgin Prunes and has recorded several solo albums and soundtracks.


After Friday, the Virgin Prunes left in 1985, he initially focused more on painting and presented in 1987 in the Hendricks Gallery, Dublin under the title I Did not Come Up The Liffey In A Bubble first exhibition of paintings. In 1985 he had his since longtime musical partner Maurice Seezer (* in Dublin 1960) met, who had studied at the Royal Academy of Music Piano, Cello and harmony and visited at the time of the first encounter with Friday Trinity College in Dublin to where the to study the Bible. On the side he played piano in bars and conducted the singers of the College.

1987 Friday returned to the side of Maurice Seezer as " master of ceremonies " of a self-written Friday night cabaret entitled Blue Jaysus in the musical public back. In addition, they began recording demo material, which enabled them to bring in Iceland Records attention in October 1987 and played their first gig together at an AIDS charity event in Dublin. In 1988, she signed a contract with Iceland and took from April to July in 1988 in the RPM studios in Greenwich Village, New York, the well-received by critics debut album Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves, on which such well-known musicians such as Marc Ribot, Michael Blair, Fernando Saunders and Bill Frisell are heard. Album has been produced by Hal Willner. The further cooperation between the two is documented on the albums Adam'n'Eve and Shag Tobacco. Together they also wrote film music, among other things, for In the Name of the Father, The Boxer, Disco Pigs, Short Cuts, Romeo and Juliet and In America. As a further stage show they staged the Kurt Weill Extravaganza ... " I LOVE YOU".

He was also involved in a number of albums by Coil.

In 2005 he took a small supporting role in " Breakfast on Pluto ", the film adaptation of the novel by Irish writer Patrick McCabe.



  • Each Man Kills the Thing He Loves, GAVIN FRIDAY and the MAN Seezer, Iceland Records 1989
  • Adam 'n ' Eve, 1992
  • Shag Tobacco, 1995
  • Peter and the Wolf, 2002
  • Catholic, 2011


  • You Can not Always Get What You Want, 1987
  • Man of Misfortune, 1990
  • I Want to Live, 1992
  • King of Trash, 1992
  • Falling off the Edge of the World, 1993
  • You Made Me the Thief of Your Heart, 1994
  • In the Name of the Father, 1994
  • Angel, 1995 ( soundtrack to the film Romeo and Juliet)
  • You, Me and World War III, 1996
  • Lord I am coming


  • Bad Influence 1990
  • Short Cuts, 1993
  • In the name of the Father, 1993
  • Romeo and Juliet, 1996
  • The Boxer 1997
  • Moulin Rouge, 2001
  • In America, 2002


  • Angel Baby, 1996
  • The Boxer 1997
  • In America, 2003
  • Get Rich or Die Tryin ', 2005