GAZ 24 Volga

The GAZ 24 Volga is one of 1968 built until 1992 the Russian car manufacturer GAZ (Russian Горьковский автомобильный завод ( ГАЗ ), English transcription Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod ( GAZ ), German: . Gorkier Automotive).

The vehicle was used in all of Eastern Europe, especially as authorities vehicle or taxi. Smaller numbers were also sold to West Europe, here under the name Scaldia - Volga M24.

Due to the long production period the vehicle has been repeatedly changed slightly. Thus, the specimens were given to about the beginning of 1970 mirrors on the fenders, then was such as now mounted on the driver's side a usual at the A-pillar, which related to the passenger side against it. In 1974 there was again a modified exterior mirrors and a few minor modifications. In a small series called 24-24 version with 5.54 -liter V8 engine, which made ​​145 kW arose. These vehicles were used almost exclusively by the KGB and were not available for private buyers.

A significant change came with the model year 1977. The vehicle was completely redesigned, with slightly altered by a change in the length of the bumper. From 1985 the production was optimized on larger quantities and now GAZ 24-10 said vehicle simplified accordingly. The engine now made ​​73 kW.

The Belgian importer Scaldia - Volga Volga equipped with Peugeot purchased from diesel engines. For countries with left-hand traffic such as Indonesia, India and the UK, there was a right hand drive version.

The vehicle is constructed with a self-supporting body. The engine sits over the front axle on a subframe and drives through a propeller shaft to the rear axle. The front axle is equipped with double wishbones and coil springs. The rear axle is constructed as a rigid axle with leaf springs. The footbrake operates hydraulically in a dual-circuit brake system with Duplex drum brakes on the front axle and Simplex drum brakes on the rear axle. The parking brake acting on the rear axle.

GAZ 24-02

The GAZ 24-02 represents the combined model of GAZ 24 Represents the model was produced from 1972. The weight of the vehicle in running order is between 1500 kg and 1575 kg. An optional second rear seat allows the transportation of seven persons. Analogous to the sedan underwent the combined model in 1987 a revision. This was taken as the GAZ 24-12 on the market.

Models at a glance

Basiserie GAZ 24:

  • GAZ 24 Limousine, production 1968-1985
  • GAZ 24-01, taxi on the basis of GAZ 24
  • GAZ 24-02, combi model based on the GAZ 24, production from 1970 to 1987
  • GAZ 24-03, four-seater ambulance (combi ) with a sun behind the driver
  • GAZ 24-04, Taxi version of the cluster model
  • GAZ 24-07, taxi based on the GAZ 24, with natural gas drive ( 1977-1985 )
  • GAZ 24-24 sedan with 5.54 -liter V8 engine and three -speed automatic
  • GAZ 24-54, right hand drive, export model for Singapore, India and Pakistan
  • GAZ 24-76, export model Scaldia - Volga M24 Sedan
  • GAZ 24-77, export model Scaldia - Volga M24, combi
  • GAZ 24-95, sedan with all-wheel drive based on the GAZ -69. One of the few vehicles built belonged to the former Soviet leader Brezhnev.

Revised series GAZ 24-10:

  • GAZ 24-10, Limousine, production 1985-1992
  • GAZ 24-11, taxi based on the GAZ 24-10
  • GAZ 24-12, combi model based on the GAZ 24-10, production from 1987 to 1992
  • GAZ 24-13, four-seater ambulance (combi ) with a sun behind the driver
  • GAZ 24-17, taxi based on the GAZ 24-10, natural gas drive
  • GAZ 24-34, sedan with 5.54 -liter V8 engine and three -speed automatic ( 1985-1994 )
  • GAZ 24-60, export model for countries with a tropical climate