Gbadolite ( G'badolite ) is a city in the north of the Democratic Republic of Congo ( formerly Zaire ) and has 50 489 inhabitants ( 2005). It belongs to the administrative unit Equateur.

Gbadolite is surrounded by rainforest and can be practically achieved only by plane. There are no paved roads to other major cities.


Gbadolite lies on the River Ubangi, which forms the border between the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Gbadolite was the hometown of former President of Zaire, Mobutu Sese Seko. During his tenure, built Mobutu Gbadolite city of residence, beginning in the 70s of the 20th century. It was built not only built palaces for himself and his family, he turned Gbadolite in a second capital next to Kinshasa in the buildings were constructed for all ministries - only on a smaller scale. So Mobutu was able to govern in an emergency Gbadolite from.

Mobutu built in Gbadolite three palaces. This gave the city the nickname " Versailles of the jungle ":

  • The largest palace has three floors, decorated with fine marble and jade and was used for public events
  • Mobutu's private residence, built in the style of Gaudí
  • A palace in the style of Chinese pagodas, built by Chinese

The palace grounds were splendidly equipped. They were hosts, among others, a palace church with a church organ in the Gebr Oberlinger, a small amphitheater, two swimming pools with views of the river Ubangi and spacious gardens with fountains.

To, for a city of Congolese relations, exceptional facilities belonging (t ) s also:

  • A small airport terminal ( which has a gilded dome ), the start and runway could use the Concorde ( Mobutu chartered these occasionally )
  • Two power plants; one is a hydroelectric power station, which is operated by the water power of the Ubangi
  • A hospital with German doctors
  • A four-lane boulevard with street lighting, which connects the city with palaces
  • A motel
  • One managed by Swiss farm was operated on livestock with European cattle.

After the expulsion of Mobutu in 1997 Gbadolite was captured by rebels. The city was completely looted. All palaces are now overgrown and abandoned. In the Second Congo War was Gbadolite seat of the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, the leader of businessman Jean -Pierre Bemba is.

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