Gbandi language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Mande West -Mande Southwest Mende Loma Mende - Bandi Bandi - Zialo


Bandi, also known as a band, Gbande, Gbandi and Gbunde, is a Mandesprache.

It is mainly spoken in Lofa County in northern Liberia from the people of the Bandi. It is written with the Latin script, formerly the Mende script was used.

Bandi has six dialects: Hasala, Hembeh, Lukasa, Wawana, Wulukoha and Tahamba, which is the standard dialect, which is also used for literature. The dialects have a linguistic similarity 96% with the other dialect, and to 83% with the most similar dialect of the Mende language, respectively.