Gbelany ( to 1973 Slovak " Gbelany "; Hungarian Egbelény - to 1907 Gbellan ) a municipality in Žilina Okres of Žilinský is kraj, with 1226 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011).


The municipality is located in the eastern part of the basin Žilinská kotlina north of the river Vah. The northern part of the municipality extends into the hill country Kysucká Highlands. The center is located nine kilometers east of the city of Žilina.


The place was probably built in the 13th century as Untertanenort and was first mentioned in 1362 as Koblen writing. Since the emergence of the place belonged to the manor of Castle Strečno. After the unveiling of the Wesselényi conspiracy, the village was in 1683 part of the new Herrenguts Teplička, from which arose in 1749 the manor Gbelany, which included not only the main town eight other villages. 1828 are listed 68 houses and 600 inhabitants.


  • Ján Franek, former boxer Czechoslovakia, winner of the Olympic bronze medal