Gbelce ( until 1948 slovak " Köbölkút "; Hungarian Köbölkút ) is a municipality in western Slovakia, with 2233 inhabitants ( 31 December 2011). It belongs to Okres Nové Zámky kraj a circle of the parent Nitriansky. The population is predominantly Hungarian-, this is a Slovak minority.


The community lies on the edge of the Danube 's hill country within the Slovak Danube lowlands, just the same from the Danube and the river Hron away. The southern side is drained by the creek Marcelovský Brook, a tributary of the Danube, while on the north side of the creek flows PARIZ. On the swampy terrain of the second-mentioned Bach are the Parížske močiare ( German swamps of PARIZ ), a protected area under the Ramsar Convention. The " mountain" of the place is the Drienova hora (226 m nm ) west of the community. Gbelce is situated 18 kilometers from Štúrovo and 36 kilometers from Nové Zámky.


The town was first mentioned in 1233 as Cubulcut writing. The name means in Hungarian means "stone fountain".

Until 1919 the town belonged in the county Gran the Kingdom of Hungary and was then Czechoslovakia. 1938-45 he was on the basis of the First Vienna Award once again part of Hungary.