The GBR code ( according to Guy, Blandford and Roycroft ) describes the position on a chessboard with a simple string that is unique for positions with "normal " material. For positions with three or more figures of one type, additional information is required to describe the position exactly.

The GBR code can be used as an index, inter alia, in databases and publications of study collections, frequently the character positions eliminated ( Part 3).


The GBR Code is divided into four parts, which are separated from each other by a period:

  • 2 Number of farmers ( first white, then black )
  • 3 The positions of the figures (each white from black ) in the order of king, queen, rook, bishop, knight
  • 4 The positions of the farmers (both white from black )


The basic position:


A position with the white king on a1, a black on a8, and black pawns on a2 and b2

0000.02.a1a8.a2b2 see also

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